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Payroll outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing services

Constantly evolving government regulations and filing requirements make payroll processing one of the most complex and time-consuming chores for businesses in the UK.
Backed by 14+ years of experience in handling payroll for some of the biggest players in the industry, our payroll outsourcing solutions help organizations pay their people on time, manage compliance and gain actionable insights through customized reports. All this while reducing costs by up to 50% and boosting payroll process management efficiency.
payroll outsourcing

Who can benefit from QX payroll services?

We deliver payroll services to some of the UK’s largest recruitment companies, SMEs, and NHS Trusts. Specialising in high-volume payroll processing for recruitment agencies, we process over 1,000,000 timesheets annually. Our services are ideal for organizations looking to eliminate inefficiencies, improve reporting and reduce costs while enhancing the employee experience.
We also provide comprehensive and dedicated payroll management for smaller agencies and businesses for whom setting up a payroll team and investing in software is not practical.

Smart payroll services for recruitment agencies

We can provide everything from a straightforward pay & bill service right through to a full payroll team, reporting directly to you. QX makes any payroll process a smart payroll process by bringing its knowledge, experience and best talent under one roof to deliver:
Best practice    |    Continuous process improvement    |    Challenge assessment and advice Partnership approach    |    Enhanced employee/contractor experience

Process transition
Client consultation and on-site visit for understanding requirements
Parallel payroll run for hassle-free transition
Smooth migration of payroll software
Updating information in Payroll system for P45/P46 details and issuing P45 for leavers
Setup of Starters and Leavers on the system
Processing timesheets (paper timesheet and e-timesheet)
Processing of statutory payments like SSP, SMP, SPP, etc.
Processing holiday pay, overtime, commission, bonus, mileage, and more
Processing payroll deductions like attachment of earnings, court orders, etc.
Generation of payslips in hard copies as well as e-payslips
Dealing with payroll related queries for consultants/locums, including attending phone calls
Umbrella referral commission invoices
Year-end process – issue P11, P11D, P60, etc.


Reporting and analysis
Timely RTI & FPS submission & year-end processing
Running BACS report
Correspondence with HMRC, filing of PAYE and NIC returns on behalf of clients
Downloading and updating of P6 and P9 tax notifications
Gross margin report
Credit and reissue report
Day books to Credit Control and Finance departments
Pension setup and processing deductions and payments on payroll software

Choose QX for specialised recruitment payroll outsourcing

Payroll expertise
With years of experience in the industry, we have in place the most effective software, processes and people to deliver efficient solutions for your specific needs.
Accuracy & speed
With an accuracy rate of over 99.8% since 2003, QX can match and often surpass in-house results. We also leverage the time difference to deliver faster turnarounds.
Reduced overheads
Typically, our payroll processing services deliver cost-improvements of 30% to 50%. In addition, detailed reports further assist you to take smarter financial decisions.
IT infrastructure savings
No hassles with IT hardware and software. We will set up a secure transfer, backup the data and find the best way to collate data from various sources.
Compliance with HMRC
Payroll rules and regulations change frequently. You don’t have to worry about it: our experts will ensure that you are in compliance with any legislation changes.
Smarter business decisions
Gain deeper understanding of your business aspects touched by the payroll function. We deliver real time, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and Annual reports of your choice.

Software capabilities

We work with your payroll management and processing systems to seamlessly integrate our service. The systems we use include the following but if you don’t see yours here, it doesn’t mean we cannot work with it – just let us know:

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