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Timesheet query management system
Using a number of separate email addresses to receive and manage timesheets and related queries can lead to lack of efficiency and delays in query resolutions. This system functions as a central point for receiving, editing, assigning, tracking and processing the timesheets and queries.
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Timesheet Query Management System (TQMS) receives emails on configured email addresses directly from consultants/candidates and assigns them to relevant staff. In addition, the users can map a query document with the reply email and attachments.
Payroll staff can modify timesheets (adjust brightness, contrast, crop, rotate), create duplicates, splits PDFs, split excel files (removes duplicate timesheets) update remarks, notes and move to next the steps to complete it.

Resolve timesheet queries faster
Significant reduction in time spent on timesheet query resolution
Happier candidates and contractors as the queries are resolved faster
Automatic detection of duplicate timesheets increased timesheet processing efficiency
Improved visibility in timesheet queries via advanced analytics dashboard

Intuitive, effective and easy to set up

Configure multiple email ids
Set up the system to receive emails from multiple email ids into one central inbox.
Online and paper timesheets
Handles both paper and online timesheets, ensuring that all the queries are covered and can be managed on one central system.
Supports major formats
supports multiple file formats such as Word, Excel, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PDF, ensuring efficient processing.
Timesheet beautification
Adjust brightness, contrast, crop, rotate, create duplicates, splits PDFs, split excel files (removes duplicate timesheets) update remarks, notes and more.
Assign queries
Assign queries to specific payroll team members in bulk or individually, who will get automatically email notifications for tasks.
Insightful reports
Gain access to detailed, graphical reporting on the status of timesheets under query and more via an advanced analytics dashboard.

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