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Student Enquiry System
Student accommodation mangers receive multiple enquiries from parents or students across a number of sites. This system helps to manage all enquiries coming from different locations and sites via one central application.
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Managing enquiries from students for rental apartments can get quite complicated for student accommodation providers managing a large number of beds, especially during the busy season when thousands of enquiries flow in.
Using this system, prospective users enter queries in a web portal, which the site managers can assign to relevant staff. The application also supports scheduling, assigning and reporting the status of the tasks, for the dual purposes of marketing and KPI management.

Convert enquiries and boost student occupancy rates
Shorten sales cycle – measure KPI performance, optimise communication and convert leads quickly
Take granular actions – create custom alerts for the status and movement of each enquiry and schedule follow up actions
Streamline process – assign enquiries to relevant staff, follow up, and maintain accountability with a complete audit trial

Fast, intuitive and easy to configure

Email automation
Send out automated emails to internal staff and the prospects based on the status of the enquiries. Configure to fit your existing workflow.
Improved lead management
Easily collect and manages enquiries, quickly identify uncontacted or priority leads with advanced filtration and generate different types of reports.
Multiple locations
Easily record incoming enquiries for multiple locations in one location to move from a scattered system based on email and excel sheets to a central system.

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