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Expense Management System
Managing expenses manually is not only a tedious task – it is also error prone and not easy to scale. The Expense Management system helps you automate the process of tracking, reporting, and analysing employee travel and expense data.
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The expense management process is essential to gain control and visibility over the business and travel related expenses incurred by employees.
Using this system, accounting departments can help to organise and speed up the approval, reconciliation, compliance and reporting for T&E expenses. The result is improved visibility on employee spending, more efficient processing and speedier and happier employees.

Automate your employee travel & expense processing
Speedier approvals – set up automatic expense approval for lower than certain amount
Insightful reporting – generate bespoke reports to provide overall visibility to the top management
Smart reconciliation – reconcile expenses and reimbursement easily using receipts and data insights
100% compliance – Make sure travel expense reports are 100% policy compliant

Bespoke, hassle-free and compliant

Guaranteed compliance
Set the system to enforce expense policies in real time to make sure that T&E reports are 100% policy compliant.
Custom approval workflows
Create and configure custom workflows, auto expense approval work flow, including multiple role-based approval flow, based on your internal process to digitise and speed up the approval process.
Integrated system
We will help you integrate with you accounting software, ERP and other applications in your ecosystem to digitise the entire process.
Multi locations and multi-currency
Easily manage multiple banks, currency types and locations from one system. Bid goodbye to multi-currency issues and accounting challenges.
Set spending limits
Determine expense spending limit and give rights to employees as per their roles in the organization.
Enforce policies for expenses
Enforce real time policies at the time of expense claiming with detailed digital audit trail for audit and compliance.

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