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Software products for finance, accounting and payroll departments

The QX software suite includes a wide range of products that help finance, payroll and accounting teams streamline workflow, improve business processes and reduce the cost & time investment in operations. We achieve this via automation or digitisation of paper-based/Excel-driven processes.
Leveraging our industry expertise and process understanding, we develop bespoke software applications that help our clients overcome specific challenges. Over the last 15 years, our solutions and services have benefited clients belonging to diverse industry verticals, including companies from recruitment, healthcare, student housing and manufacturing sectors.

Vendor Management System Parser
Automatically connects with VMS and Banking/ERP systems to download employee timesheet records, follow steps to generate reports in specified formats, and upload it to third-party systems to complete the process.
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Purchase Order System
Streamlines and digitises the procurement process by simplifying purchase order creation, editing, emailing and approval. Allows you to track purchases throughout the organisation and helps improve budget management by offering quick and easy visibility of cash flow.
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Expense Management System
Automates the entire process of tracking, reporting, analyzing expenses for travel and other expense data for employees. Allows users to create a seamless flow for processing travel and expense data for employees, across locations.
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Bank Reconciliation System
Compares data from general ledger files of any 3rd party bank book with any bank statement reports and auto-matches the transactional entries for reconciliation. Eliminates errors and processes large volume quickly, which significantly improves the turnaround time.
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Timesheet Management System
Helps to improve the efficiency and productivity of payroll processing teams. Processes both paper and online timesheets, speeds up the timesheet processing time, increases accuracy and helps companies to run payroll on time.
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Student Enquiry System
Built for student accommodation companies, helps to manage all enquiries coming from different sites from a single application. Allows scheduling tasks for staff to follow up enquiries. Provides reporting facility for the dual purposes of marketing and KPI management.
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