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Setting up and managing high-performance remote working teams

Mahesh Jain, CEO QX F&A and Recruitment Services and Abhijeet Soni, Senior VP, QX F&A Operations share actionable insights on ste...

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Mahesh Jain, CEO QX F&A, shares his thoughts on the outsourcing industry

A conversation with Mahesh Jain on the state of the F&A outsourcing industry, its future and the role QX is playing in this highl...

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Is your outsourcing partner GDPR compliant? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Is your business GDPR compliant? Congratulations! But what about your third-party vendors, suppliers and outsourcing partners? Ar...

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QX F&A year in review 2017: Looking back on an incredible year

QX Finance & Accounts and We have put together a graphic that takes a quick look at some of the highlights for 2017. Check it out...

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Retail and wholesale success: 10 key trends to be aware of in 2017

The retail and wholesale industry continues to witness significant disruption. Here are the key trends that business leaders must...

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12 years and going strong: when is it a good idea to stay with the same ...

Should you change jobs on a frequent basis, or should you stick to one company for a longer period?

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