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3 key reasons behind the dip in UK’s manufacturing output

After posting record growth in January, the British manufacturing sector seems to have hit a snag. This article explores the key ...

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Transforming finance operations: How FCOEs can help CFOs make a difference

A Finance centre of excellence (FCOE) can be instrumental in bringing together a variety of skillsets, standards, processes and t...

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UK relaxes visa rules for 11 non-EU countries – how will this impact the...

The UK Government has relaxed visa requirements for 11 non-EU countries, including China. Find out how this will impact the stude...

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GDPR and outsourcing: implications of working with a non-compliant partner

GDPR expects you to conduct due diligence and ensure that outsourcing companies and other third-party vendors are compliant Is yo...

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3 major forces that will impact the UK recruitment sector in the years t...

How will GDPR, Brexit and roll-out of IR35 in the private sector impact recruitment agencies? Read ahead to find out.

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Student accommodation investors, are you getting the most out of your in...

Generating higher ROI on student accommodation investments – fixed price points have a limitation. Active capital management back...

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