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Covid-19 payroll support for business in the UK


Covid-19 payroll support for business in the UK

We are living through a global pandemic. Some businesses in the UK are either shut down while others have their employees working from home. Workers in sectors like healthcare, logistics and facilities management are working extra hard to support all of us during these difficult times. 

As a business, you are undoubtedly facing unprecedented challenges. Businesses that have implemented work from home arrangements are having a tough time managing their operations. Organisations that are working as usual during this period – in the physical world and not digitally – have also had to take wide-ranging measures to ensure the safety of their employees. 

How are your employees managing in this difficult time? Most workers are soldiering through the situation, doing their best to perform at pre-lockdown levels. In some sectors, employees are working harder than they’ve ever done before. In a time when many people are furloughed and/or have seen their income take a nosedive, many of your employees are thankful that they are still employed and are getting paid. 

Financial insecurity should be the least of your staff’s problem in a situation like this. And so it is essential to pay your staff – permanent or temporary – on time and correctly. However, if your payroll staff is unwell or otherwise unavailable, or if your payroll team is unable to service a workforce that has grown larger, it may not always be possible to pay your staff on time. And this can lead to a number of issues:

  • Delays in payments can damage the already treacherous financial condition of employees, making them miss payments of bills, rents, loan instalments, etc. 
  • Incorrect payments lead to bad employee experience and necessities further time investment by both the employee and the payroll team in resolving payroll related queries
  • Workers may feel a lack of trust in the organisation if they are underpaid by mistake, and this could hit the morale  
  • If you end up overpaying temporary workers, getting it back at a later stage may prove to be difficult, which means that you end up losing the money 
  • The payroll process involves a lot of compliance – mistakes in this area can lead to penalties arising out of non-compliance. 

Are you facing any of the above issues? Does your organisation need short-term or long-term support for managing payroll? At QX, we have 15+ years of experience in processing the most complex types of payroll for recruitment agencies. We work with all the major payroll software and have the capability to work with almost any software you use for payroll.

With a large talent pool of payroll administrators well-versed with the intricacies of the UK payroll system in our team, we can make all of your payroll problems disappear and make sure that it is not an issue for your business anymore. We are here to support any UK business that is battling staff shortages or needs professional and reliable payroll outsourcing to reduce its payroll costs. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Payroll for temporary and permanent staff 
  • Monthly/weekly payroll
  • Monthly/ quarterly/ annual payroll
  • Starters setup and maintained 
  • Administration of pension schemes (including auto enrolment)
  • RTI compliance and submissions
  • Create reports and submit to HMRC

Get the payroll support your need
Processing over 1.5 million timesheets annually with 99.8% accuracy, we can provide you with a world-class service that you can rely on to get accurate and on-time payroll. For any payroll needs you have, or for any advice you may want in this area, please get in touch with us.

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