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Finance & accounts services for student accommodation providers

Finance & accounts services for student accommodation providers

Student accommodation businesses face complex accounting issues that stem from managing thousands of individual lettable properties across dozens of sites. In addition to the difficulty created by the sheer number and types of tenants and unavoidable tenant churn, there are several government regulations that demand compliance.
QX understands the unique and multifaceted accounting issues that your business faces. We have been offering end-to-end accounting services to some of the top ten student accommodation providers in the UK since 2009, and we have in place the best practices, processes, people and software for delivering effective and efficient finance & accounts (F&A) outsourcing services catering to this industry.
Not only have we helped businesses cut operating costs by 50%, but we also excel in introducing process excellence and leveraging strategic software automation for increased efficiency. When you outsource to QX, you can expect swift and smooth transition, with positive results visible within a short time.
finance and accounts services for student accomodation providers


We offer comprehensive F&A services to many of the top 10 student accommodation providers in the UK. Our clients include direct let as well as managing agents. Currently, we manage finance functions for 180+ sites, covering over 50,000 beds.

Our accurate, timely and site-wise reporting, student activity listing, and management of student deposits in compliance with the TDP scheme make us an ideal partner for student accommodation businesses. We also offer detailed financial reporting services that offer an accurate view of your business and empower you to take better business decisions. Our core finance and accounting services for student accommodation companies include:

Why student accommodation providers choose QX

Specialised services
We provide end-to-end accounting services to two of the biggest student accommodation providers in the UK. Our longstanding experience in the industry enables us to deliver highly effective services.
Significant cost savings
We can slash your current operating budget by up to 50% through process improvement and automation. With our services, you don’t have to worry again about inaccuracies or delays.
Strategic IT support
Working closely with our clients, we enable them to cut costs and time investments through strategic automation. Our IT team helps integrate, enhance and build systems and applications to streamline your processes.
Staffing flexibility
Ramp resources up or down on the basis of your changing requirements. Easily add resources when your requirements spike. Move beyond SLAs to direct resources to urgent tasks.
Smart deposit management
In addition to maintenance of deposit accounts through efficient bulk repayment process, we also ensure compliance with the TDP scheme and advise on the effective use of deposited funds.
UK-based company
QX is a UK registered company; many of our leaders have UK work experience, and we understand the accounting and compliance landscape in the UK.

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