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Finance & accounts services for software development firms

Finance & accounts services for software development firms

IT services and software development firms are under constant pressure to meet deadlines, innovate, and cut costs to thrive in today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive market. In order to create an agile business model, accounting departments in IT companies need to focus on optimizing processes, analysing business trends and delivering insightful information for smarter business decisions. However, day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting activities can prevent them from focusing on higher-end activities.
QX offers F&A outsourcing services that lighten the load of tedious, day-to-day accounting and reporting activities, allowing your in-house accounts team to focus on strategizing and other high-value tasks. Our expert accountants will ensure compliance, assist with process improvement, deliver insightful financial reports and help slash costs of accounts function by up to 50%. We can also help you assess, integrate and implement effective software systems for digitising and automating your accounts processes.
finance and accounts services for software development firms


Our expert accountants have extensive experience of providing bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services to SMEs and start-ups. We understand the special needs for software development companies and you can benefit from our process rigour.

Our services are ideal for SMEs that want to inject process efficiency and benefit from best practices, while cutting costs. We also support the F&A & payroll requirements of small businesses and start-ups for whom it is not feasible to invest in an in-house accounts team. Whether you want to outsource your entire F&A process, or any single function, we are happy to assist.

Why software development companies choose QX

Save money
Software development companies are hit hard by financial constraints and increased competition. By outsourcing your non-core business functions, you can benefit from up to 50% cost reductions.
Accurate and dependable
Since beginning operations in 2003, QX has maintained a high rate of accuracy and delivered on time, 100% of the time. You can expect timely and accurate information.
Accounting automation
Harnessing the power of Cloud-based software like XERO, we provide assistance for your digitisation, automation and cloud accounting initiatives. You also benefit from our in-house development capability and software products.
Staffing flexibility
Increase or decrease the size of your team based on your fluctuating workload. We also cover sickness and holidays so that you always have the finance team support you need.
Gain better visibility
Regularly measured, managed and updated SLAs and KPIs give companies full control over F&A. Detailed reporting and analysis gives better visibility on the business.
Happier employees and managers
Drawing from over a decade of experience in payroll, we ensure that your staff is paid on time, and managers have access to real time information. The result: improved efficiency and higher employee satisfaction.

Wondering how exactly our services can help your company boost profitability?
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