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Finance & accounting services for retail and wholesale companies

Finance & accounting services for retail and wholesale companies

Disruption is the new norm for the retail and wholesale industry. CFOs, FD and FMs in this sector are expected to take quick strategic decisions to mitigate the threats and capitalise on the opportunities present in this highly dynamic market while under pressure to deal with tax, regulatory compliance and general accounting.
QX understands the challenges faced by the finance leaders in the retail and wholesale industry, and we excel in processing large volumes of transactions with a high level of accuracy to reduce the pressures they face. We help our clients identify and eliminate process inefficiencies, inject best practices in the process, and help business leaders gain greater control whilst delivering a higher level of visibility in the business.
QXFA provides F & A and payroll services for retail and wholesale industry


With a proven track record of delivering reliable and accurate F&A services on time, combined with cost reductions of up to 50% over in-house accounting process, we can provide valuable support to your accounting department.

QX provides end-to-end F&A and payroll services to retail and wholesale businesses, including bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, credit control, cash flow management and payroll. We also provide back-office support for effective management stock, inventory and orders, thereby supporting your efforts to reducing inventory and minimize losses.

Our ability to deliver bespoke financial reports proves highly valuable to our retail and wholesale clients, empowering them to take well-informed strategic decisions, mitigate compliance risks, evaluate business performance, identify revenue recognition opportunities and drive profitability. Well defined SLAs and KPIs and regular reporting ensure that you get the promised services, on time and on cost.
Inventory management
Order management

Why retail and wholesale companies choose QX

Cost savings
With QX, you always get the accounts on time, enjoy increased accuracy and significantly reduced costs at the same time. We can usually help reduce the cost by up to 50% compared to in-house processes.
Dependable outsourcing
QX outsourcing facility is owned and managed by a UK-based organisation, many of our team have worked in the UK, and our employees possess relevant industry expertise.
Accurate and dependable
Since beginning operations in 2003, QX has maintained a high rate of accuracy and delivered on time, 100% of the time. You can expect timely and accurate information.
Robust security
We appreciate that you are entrusting critical business information to us. Apart from complying with ISO 27001:2013 (Certificate # IS 585119) information security standards, we employ a number of digital and manual security measures to ensure the security of your data.
Business insights
Financial reports tailored to your specifications deliver insightful data that provide a better overview of your business and allow you to take well-informed strategic decisions.
Improved cash flow
By eliminating inefficiencies from your accounts receivable function and chasing payments diligently, we will help you reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), minimise late payments and reduce bad debts.

Wondering how exactly our services can help your business boost profitability?
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