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Finance & accounts services for media & publishing companies

Finance & accounts services for media & publishing companies

Rapidly-shifting consumer preferences, coupled with new competition and business models, have created severe profitability pressures for most media and publishing companies. At the same time, the role of accountants in publishing has undergone a major transformation with changing modes of transactions.
QX helps media and publishing companies eliminate inefficiencies, automate and digitise F&A activities, and cut operational costs related to accounting. We can also assess your revenue streams and unique processes to discover ways of streamlining your F&A and payroll processes across sites.
finance and accounts services for media and publishing companies


We offer accurate and reliable F&A services that help media and publishing firms cut costs and increase efficiency. Bespoke reports on revenue and commission on daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis ensure that you always have the information you need. In addition, we also help assess and implement solutions for digitisation and automation of various accounting and reporting processes.

Through well-defined KPIs and SLAs, we offer complete clarity on what you can expect from us, and when we will deliver it. Below are the core services we provide to media and publishing companies. Clients can either outsource the entire F&A process to us, or start with just one or two of the functions.

Why media & publishing firms choose QX

Reduced overheads
Typically, our F&A services deliver cost-improvements of up to 50%. In addition, detailed reports further assist you to take smarter financial decisions.
Payroll & RTI compliance
Payroll rules and regulations change frequently. You don’t have to worry about it: our experts will ensure that you are in compliance with any legislation changes.
Accuracy and speed
With a higher than industry standard accuracy rate since 2003, QX can match and often surpass in-house results. We also leverage the time difference to deliver faster turnarounds.
Well-informed business decisions
Gain better visibility of all your business aspects touched by F&A and payroll functions. We will deliver bespoke reports of your choice in the formats you require.
Process rigour
Professional and dynamic leaders with over a decade of experience deliver value benefits which increase exponentially in the form of the learning curve effect. Strategic automation helps reduce risks of manual processes.
Watertight security
Control over finance fraud through a set up of robust internal controls and methods of prevention and fraud detection. Fraud prevention and security awareness training for staff mitigates the risk of fraud.

Wondering how exactly our services can help your company boost profitability?
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