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Finance & accounting services for manufacturers

Finance & accounting services for manufacturers

Manufacturing CFOs and FDs are expected to stay on the top of issues related to tax, compliance, strategy and financial technology consolidation. However, the sheer volume of routine and repetitive tasks like payroll, accounting and reporting – across multiple sites – ties up the best resources. With QX as your partner, you can achieve:
  • Up to 50% reduction in the cost of accounting operations.
  • Improved accounting efficiency via process transformation & automation.
  • Better supplier terms and maximize savings through rebates.
  • Faster TAT for preparation of management accounts.
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We have worked with large manufacturing companies spread across multiple sites, and we can assist you in transforming and centralising your F&A operations. In addition to timely delivery and accurate processing, you can expect our services to help you reduce accounting costs by up to 50%.

Our expertise in accounting for inventory and costing, detailed breakeven analysis, accurate balance sheet reconciliations and precise bookkeeping for cost and revenue centres prove invaluable to our manufacturing clients. Below are some of the key services we provide.

Why manufacturing companies choose QX

Cost savings
With QX, you always get the accounts on time, enjoy increased accuracy and significantly reduced costs at the same time. We can usually help reduce the cost by up to 50% compared to in-house processes.
Better supplier relationships
Our focus on accurate, on time payments and attention to supplier ledger reconciliation ensures that suppliers are paid on time. Not only does this improve relationships but it also helps our clients maximise savings in the form of supplier rebates.
Improved cash flow
By eliminating inefficiencies from your accounts receivable function and chasing payments diligently, we will help you reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), minimize late payments and reduce bad debts.
Robust security
We appreciate that you are entrusting critical business information to us. Apart from complying with ISO 27001:2013 information security standards and BSI 10012:2017 (GDPR), we employ a number of digital and manual security measures to ensure the security of your data.
Transform F&A operations
We drive and support initiatives for digitisation, automation and process reengineering, helping manufacturing firms to replace paper-based and people-driven systems with automated, process-driven systems.
Faster management accounts preparation
Standardising reporting activities and improving the turnaround time for preparation of management accounts. For example, we have helped one of our clients move from 7WD to 3WD cycle.

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