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Engagement models

We are committed to help clients boost efficiency and reduce costs by delivering quality, accurate and timely finance & accounts and payroll services. Our engagement models have evolved to cater best to the most common client requirements. Irrespective of how you choose to engage with us, we offer a high level of staffing flexibility and scalability, allowing you to ramp up or scale down teams without driving up hiring costs.

Dedicated resource (FTE) model
When you choose this model, you get a dedicated team or individual who works exclusively on your project. Each FTE (full-time equivalent) accountant or payroll specialist sends regular reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, making it easy for you to track task status. When you hire a team, a specialist accounts manager functions as your dedicated point of contact and reports directly to you.
Clearly defined SLAs and KPIs, along with fixed fees, add a high level of certainty to the process – you know what you will get, when you will get it, and how much it will cost. With our process maturity and expertise, we employ this model for large, listed companies as well as small businesses and start-ups.
transcription based pricing model

Value addition

Predictable pricing
You pay monthly fees that are fixed in advance which frees you from worries of cost escalation.
Economies of scale
For companies that have medium-to-high level volumes of work, this model is generally more economical than an hourly model.
Not only do you get the option to ramp down or scale up resources, but we can also go beyond the SLAs and let you reallocate the resources towards urgent, relevant tasks.
Partnership approach
Working closely with your organization, the team is invested in your success and you see incremental improvement in efficiency and value addition over time.
Ready to go
You don’t need to worry about hiring extra staff or setting up infrastructure; we help you screen, select, recruit and train accountants and manage the infrastructure.
Transaction-based pricing model
Transaction-based pricing models can be beneficial to clients with a high level of maturity in business process outsourcing. The costs are linked directly with the number of transactions processed, with a price-per-transaction that is based on a specified band of volume. The success of this engagement model is reliant on the ability to predict the volume of transactions and the average time required to process them. We typically offer this model to clients who possess a high level of clarity on these aspects, or we work with clients for a few months on the FTE model to evaluate these factors before proceeding.

Value addition

High level of flexibility in pricing (within a specific band of volume) as you pay only for actual transaction performed.
Monitor costs, gain higher visibility in pricing, and ramp up or reallocate staff for optimum cost and efficiency balance.
Reduced costs
Transaction-based pricing can help increase efficiency and reduce the cost per transaction, thereby reducing overall costs.

Key requirements

Predictable volumes
Transaction-based pricing models are inherently complex and demand a good understanding of transaction volumes from the client and time investment per transaction from the service provider.
Definable output
This pricing model works best when the output can be defined clearly and consistently.

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