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Information security

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Information security
Information security
Proper security of information is of paramount importance to us. We continually enhance our best-practice frameworks to benefit from seamless access and transfer of data without compromising on security.

High standards of security
QXFA delivery centres are compliant with ISO 27001 for Information Security Systems. We also comply with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 to guarantee complete security of your confidential data.


Secure data storage
To comply with security standards and ensure continuous operational delivery, we backup data every day and store it at a secure offsite location. We store all client data in highly secure servers with limited access – only authorized personnel can access the data on a ‘need to know’ basis, when they need the data to complete their work.

secure data storage

staff awareness
Staff awareness
Information security awareness training for all the employees during induction, and specific instruction on a periodic basis as per their role, ensures that we do not suffer any security breaches due to negligence or ignorance. Our employees receive training on various aspects including safe usage, prevention of online fraud and maintenance of confidentiality. Additionally, the staff receives updates on security risks associated with viruses and malware.

Physical security
We have manned entry points, biometric attendance systems and clear desk policies. All operations’ areas are protected by a magnetic door locking mechanism with access only to authorised staff. CCTV surveillance is also implemented at all entry points and key operational areas.

data encryption
Data protection
We are serious about the security of your data and comply with ISO 27001 for Information Security Systems standards and UK Data Protection act. We use strong firewalls, restricted internet access, web monitoring and the principle of least privilege to ensure that your data is available only to the people authorized by you.

Seamless connectivity
While protecting the data, we ensure that it doesn’t hinder seamless communications. Our employees work on secure systems with high-speed internet, ensuring smooth and continuous communication over emails and other authorised online channels. For a next-room telephony experience we use an IPLC (dedicated point-to-point connectivity) communications system to speak with our clients – at local UK call rates.

seamless connectivity
additional security measures
Additional security measures
Secure client login
Anti-virus/ Spam /Spyware manager
Continuously monitored web-access
Daily server backup
Disabled USB ports
Firewall defences
24/7 manned entry points
Biometric systems
Clear desk policies
Limited internet access

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