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Retail and wholesale success: 10 key trends to be aware of in 2017

The retail and wholesale industry continues to witness significant disruption. Here are the key trends that business leaders must...

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12 years and going strong: when is it a good idea to stay with the same ...

Should you change jobs on a frequent basis, or should you stick to one company for a longer period?

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Our most popular blogs of 2016

Here are our most-read blogs of 2016!

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Ten movies that accountants and finance professionals will love to watch

List of fun movies and documentaries with accounting themes that accountants, FCs, FDs and CFOs will find entertaining.

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Digital technology and advanced analytics – new additions to the CFO ski...

Tech savvy CFOs are riding the waves of new technologies to deliver greater efficiency and shifting their focus towards higher-va...

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Why ‘comfort zone’ is a worrying term for Finance Departments

Nothing grows in the comfort zone. If you choose to step boldly into the unknown, you will continue to grow as an individual.

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