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Why do CEOs and FDs in the UK outsource finance & accounts to India?

What compels businesses in the UK to outsource finance & accounting functions to India? Here are some of the key reasons.

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infographic common accounting and payroll outsourcing misconceptions

INFOGRAPHIC – Common accounting and payroll outsourcing misconceptions

An infographic that explores some of the myths and misconceptions around accounting and payroll outsourcing.

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uk student preferences influence pbsa management choices

UK Student preferences influence PBSA management choices

Based on reviews collected by Student Crowd’s The 2017 Best Student Accommodation Winners we’ve collated elements that actual stu...

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infographic top 10 emerging pbsa markets

INFOGRAPHIC – Top 10 emerging PBSA markets

This infographic highlights the top 10 emerging PBSA international markets

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Beyond the US and UK: 3 emerging PBSA markets investors & managers must ...

The PBSA market is growing and promising markets are emerging. This article looks at three of the key markets.

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Master list of GDPR FAQs for recruitment agencies Part 3 – managing and ...

GDPR radically transforms the way your agency can share and manage data. Find out how.

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