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Secure data transfer and storage

Secure data transfer and storage

Sharing your financial data with us is secure and seamless. Whether it is paper documents, files in a digital format, or data inside the financial software you use, we have standard protocols that enable you to share it with us in a secure way. We comply with ISO 27001 information security standards and we are also compliant with the UK Data Protection Act 1998, ensuring complete security of your confidential data. Here are some of the common ways our clients share their data with us.

Secure server-based access

As a part of this approach, QX maintains and protects your data on our secure servers.
All your data and required source items are recorded into our secure servers.
The data and tasks are processed by the QX team and reviewed by managers.
Our IT team shares the processed data on the secured FTP Server.
Only authorized individuals can access the data which is relevant to their work on the server.

Secure access through your financial software applications

You already have financial or payroll software that you use on a regular basis.
You enable access to the parts of software on which our personnel need to work, which is accessible to your team as well.
Our accountants and payroll specialists process jobs right within your system. All work is reviewed by QX accounts managers.
The data in encrypted during transfer to ensure security.
Access control on need-to-know basis ensures that only authorized personnel can access the data.

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